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Jan. 14th, 2009 | 09:30 pm
location: living room
mood: annoyed annoyed
music: KAT-TUN dont U ever stop

talking to the com is still the bestest thing okay....
ppl might just spill things out.. =.= cant believe i kept my mouth so shut and yet things that i told others spilled out=.=.....

hey stop calling me a bitch when you asked the question yourself can?? =.=
does she hates me?? YOU ASKED THAT YOURSELF!!! WHAT AH?? YOU WANT THE ANS TO BE ' no lah why will she hate you?? ' MEH??!! F YOU LAH. CB LAH. ask le, have ans le, then dont know how to act as if you dont know meh?? FKER.

for your info, you yourself is a bitch too =.= and btw bitch is spelled as bitch and not beatch or however you spell it =.= obviously you are dumb. and compared to you, i think i am better. maybe you win me in the sense that you think more for others?? yout hink but still do the wrong thing... COMMON SENSE LAH!! good thing is i have common sense ah... when ppl bad mood you still go make ppl mood worst......... idiot ah?? writing opposite aint funny okay. it just proves that your are dumb when you think ppl cant read... hahaha is it that funny?? do you know how many ppl think that you are lame?? TYPE PROPERLY LAH!! ass yout hink very cute ah?? you acbc lah. act cute liao ppl cant swollow thign down ah. and you think you very pretty right?? you are NOT okay. you are at the level or becoming not human and yout hink you very pretty?? see thats what i meant by no common sense....

and hor!! fault is ppl spill out whatever i say can??!!! shit lah......... can just say dont know de right??!!!!:?!./!/! jtio23' jlwknd.jeofp ejlm/aq. WALAO THEN NOT LIKE SPILL LIAO YOU ALSO DONT TALK TO HER LORH!!! SPILL LIAO YOU STILL CAN JUUMP WITH HER PLAY WITH HER TALK TO HER!!! then what?!?!!! i am like standing thr as if i dont exist ah?? HAR??!! YAH LAH I TALKED TO YOU BOUT HOW I FELT BUT LIKE NO DIFF CAN?? =.= bang bang bang??!! YAH LAH HOR I DONT EXIST CAN??!! =.=

you yourself said that yout hink she trying to beak up our friendship then still go so close to her??!!! HUH??!!!! it seriously is breaking or maybe not as stable as b4. ITS WORST THEN BEFORE =.=_|_  YAH LAH HOR!! i dont exist can??!! =.=

TO ------------------ :
 if you ever found this post/ this page, i am like super jealous SUPER!!!!! and you telling her i hate her or what ever you told her made her call me a bitch/ beatch(however she spelled it)..... think you told her more than 'yah she dont likr you' you have to tell her more than that to make her call me a bitch.. unless she is really that petty.
yeah you said you care and i believe it. but somehow, it went the wrong way.

yeah and i think i am sooo not gonna tell you anything after this incident cause i think you cant keep your mouth shut. thats why i say the com is the best 'person' to talk to. it wont spill anything out. it wont make me cry. it will only listen.